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New Customers, New Influence, New Recognition

Would you like to have a completely customized event that extends your reach and reputation — and you don't have to do anything? TechLeader Events provides agendas that excite the audience, subject-matter experts who impress and inform, details handled by experienced meeting planners, and a guaranteed audience of highly valued and focused attendees, all at a competitive price.

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To find out more about TechLeader Events, contact:

Georgann Carter
Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing
IEEE Computer Society
+1 202 778 4712

What sets TechLeader Events apart?

The right agenda — TechLeader experts work closely with you to develop content that attracts your target audience. IEEE Computer Society provides leading subject-matter experts renowned in their fields

The right attendance — TechLeader Events provides the target audience for your technology events, and guaranteed registration and attendance goals.

The right website — IEEE Computer Society experts create an inspiring, branded website for event. Registration is easy and straightforward.

The right venue and budget — Highly experienced event planners, who manage more than 200 conferences a year, have the know-how to negotiate the best venue, food, and equipment prices. Guided by your requests, our Certified Meeting Planners (CMPs) can negotiate discounted guest rooms, audiovisual charges, meeting space, food and beverage, Internet, parking, and more.

The right promotion and marketing — TechLeader will promote your event using established IEEE Computer Society channels, and work with your in-house production or agency to see that all marketing materials are correctly and widely distributed.

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