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Riccardo Mariani

Riccardo Mariani

Vice President, Standards Activities Board

Riccardo Mariani, Intel Fellow, is widely recognized as an expert in functional safety and integrated circuit reliability. Read More...

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Standards Committees


SAB-Sponsored Projects

  • P1680 -- Environmental Assessment of Electronic Products
  • P1857 -- Audio Video Coding (Low Speed)
  • P2409 -- Trial Use Recommended Practice for Design Process Documentation Template
  • P3333 -- 3D Based Medical Applications

SAB Policies and Procedures

  • SAB P&P for Board Activities (HTML)
  • SAB P&P for Standards Development (PDF)
  • SAB Handbook (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for a sponsor (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an individual-based WG (HTML)
  • Baseline P&Ps for an entity-based WG (DOC)

SA Policies and Procedures

  • IEEE-SA Standards Board By-Laws (HTMLPDF
  • IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual (HTMLPDF)
  • Summary of changes approved by SASB/BOG in 2013 (PDF)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Preparation and Editing (HTML)
  • IEEE-SA Guidance on Standards Development (HTML)

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